Monday, 2 November 2009


Glaciers is artist and singer Nicolas Burrows, with a revolving cast of band members for live shows, currently William Edmonds (Now Owl), Laurence J. Byrne and Oli Deakin (Olfar, Bear Driver). Fueled by a trip to Norway and continued with time spent wandering in North America, Glaciers is largely the result of being away from other musicians and having to work things out alone, with minimal equipment and living in temporary residences.

Glaciers is graceful folk-tinged songs based around a love of singing. Influences include west coast US musicians such as Phil Elverum, Karl Blau and Kyle Field. Solo shows are intimate and quiet.

Nicolas / Glaciers is based in London, UK and can be contacted below:




Other material / releases available for download:

Live in Oslo! / 2011
Just under 30 minutes set at 'Sound of Mu' in Oslo, Norway, February 2011. Part of Metronomicon's 'By;alarm' festival.

Wunder / 2010
Short 4-track demo e.p. available in a very rough state! Recorded in November / December through the little mic on a laptop

Odds and ends from the last few years of home recordings

45-minute live set from October 2009 in Setubal, Portugal. Performed alone with guitar, shruti box, kick drum and tambourine

a very short e.p. with found lyrics, created for a residency with Conway + Young

3 Track e.p. recorded in Montreal


Video Evidence

Live in Milton Keynes! December 2010, 'Scratch Night' at Milton Keynes Art Gallery

Glaciers from Milton Keynes Gallery on Vimeo.


Articles / Reviews

Session & interview with thegoldenowl

Album review, Song by Toad


2011 dates:

Jan 22nd
The Slaughtered Lamb, Farringdon, London (solo)

Feb 26th
Sound of Mu, Oslo, By;alarm festival (solo)



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